Posted by Chuck Corbin on Mar 8, 2012

No Word On When Free Battlefield 3 Copies Will Come To Lucky ME3 Pre-Buyers

I felt pretty lucky a few weeks ago when I was able to snap up the great preorder deal that EA was giving for Mass Effect 3. The deal was that if you preordered Mass Effect 3 through Origin, you would also get a free digital copy of Battlefield 3. I felt even luckier when EA cancelled the deal only a few days later, and posted on their Twitter account that they’d honor the deal for those people who took advantage of it.

When I got the deal, it stated that instructions on redeeming my copy of Battlefield 3 would be emailed to me once Mass Effect 3 has been released. That was three days ago, and I started to have some questions, namely, “Where is my copy of Battlefield 3?” Considering that the deal was cancelled so soon after it first appeared, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was something that wasn’t completely sanctioned by the higher ups of EA. Maybe they didn’t want to give away the copies in the first place? Maybe they thought that the few people who gained the deal would forget about it after playing Mass Effect 3 for hours on end?

I didn’t forget. As it is, I love Mass Effect 3, but I’m not so enraptured by it that I’ve completely forgotten how I preordered it. I decided to check out EA’s customer service, and to go into the live chat to ask them “What’s going on here?” You can see a screen shot of the conversations below:

That’s not exactly reassuring. At least they didn’t try to play dumb with me, and claim that there never was such a deal. But at the same time, this looks a bit like they’re trying to brush me away, and hope that I’ll just drop it. I’ll keep waiting for a few more days. Who knows, perhaps they’ll send out the codes on March 9th, when Mass Effect 3 is released in Europe?

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