Posted by Chuck Corbin on Mar 26, 2012

Origin Publishers Can Also Use Steam

Good news for people who are worried that you might be forced to use Origin. According to VG247, a game called Warp was recently made available on both Steam and Origin.

The fact that Warp appears on both services shouldn’t be surprising. Warp was developed by Trapdoor, who is part of the EA Partners initiative, and as EA explained, “Our partners in EA Partners own their own IP and have the authority to determine where the game will be distributed.”

So, while we’re not likely to be seeing any new EA-specific games on Steam anytime soon, at least we don’t have to worry about being split between Origin and Steam. EA, while powerful, seems to know that if it were to try to force developers to choose between on Origin and Steam they would lose. For now, EA is playing it safe, though I wouldn’t be too surprised though if they have some incentives built into the contracts to make it more lucrative to distribute only on Origin.

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