Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Mar 15, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day Bundle From Indie Royale

It’s that marvelous time again folks. Indie Royale has packed together another awesome set of Indie games for us to enjoy, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. As I’m typing this, the current minimum is only $4.65, and this extremely low fee will get you four games.

Seriously, I don’t know how deals like this could ever be passed up. The first on the list of games is Hard Reset which is a shooter that has you playing as one of the last of a group of humans that are waging war with the machines. The second on the list is Jolly Rover, which is a very interesting 2D point and click adventure game that features some comical pirates that are dogs. Third up is Vertex Dispenser, which will have you moving as quickly as possible to gain control of an abstract world in this bizarre strategy game.

The fourth in this happy little bundle is DLC Quest, which makes a mockery of the DLC practices we have today. All the coins you collect will go towards buying DLC for everything from animation to being able to pause. If you should pay more than the current minimum on the website, you will also gain access to a fifth game, the Lair of the Evildoer. This game is an RPG shooter that will make you battle your way out of the lab you were created in. In addition to this bonus game, you will also be able to download the album “O.S.T.” by Daniel Capo. This deal only lasts for another 4 days, so you’d best get on it!


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