Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 5, 2012

The Diablo Release Date Is April 17th? [Rumor]

A post has appeared on the MMORPG-Italy site that has leaked the supposed release date for the game everyone’s waiting on: Diablo 3. Now remember that a similar issue happened with Best Buy, and Blizzard was quick to squash it. The information from the site has been unconfirmed as of right now, but it states that the European release date among many Italian retailers has the game hitting on April 17th.

With this information now on the media waves, there has been some corroboration with other sites and information. The news backs up the info that Inc. Gamers received stating that the Diablo 3 release date would be hitting soon around March 5th. Also, CeBIT will kick off on March 6th in Germany, which Blizzard will be attending with Diablo 3 in tow.

GDC is starting today, and Blizzard is making their appearance there as well with Jay Wilson – the lead developer on the dungeon-crawler. Wilson was asked via Twitter about the leaked date and replied with, “I cannot debunk or confirm.” So right now the signs are all pointing toward this information leak being the real deal, but we’ll still have to wait. Oh Blizzard, you make us want to pull our eyeballs out.


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