Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 29, 2012

World of Warcraft Monopoly’s Mascot Isn’t Uncle Pennybags, It’s A Murloc

Veterans of the board game Monopoly know that whenever you think about the game, you think of that little man with the top hat and monocle. His name is Uncle Pennybags, and he’s the main mascot for the real estate game. With the upcoming release of World of Warcraft Monopoly, this fabled mascot changes in a most surprising and enjoyable way.

The new mascot will become a lovable murloc, the most favored and recognizable enemy in the entire game. You’ll be able to see him on all of the Chance and Community Chest cards in the game, like the one posted above. Just a couple of weeks ago, we got a sneak-peek look at the new money that will show in the game, and now this news is here to compliment it. Now we know we’ll get to see some of Azeroth’s most influential faces as well as this murloc greeting us when we dive into World of Warcraft Monopoly.

Honestly, this is great news. Many, like myself, imagined that the mascot would just be Uncle Pennybags in some kind of in-game armor. Now don’t get me wrong, that would be cool, but the murloc is way cooler. I like the way the creators are going with the game, and I can’t wait to grab it as soon as it hits shelves. Stay tuned for more World of Warcraft Monopoly info as it arrives!


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