Posted by Chuck Corbin on Mar 23, 2012

XBLA Version Of Minecraft To Be Released May 9th

For those of you who have been wanting to try out Minecraft, but you just don’t have the system to do it with, you’re in luck! Starting May 9th, you’ll be able to download your copy of Minecraft for the Xbox 360, and see what the fuss is all about!

Minecraft will be selling for 1600 Microsoft Points, a little high for an XBLA game, but still less expensive than the PC version. And besides, given how you can basically make ANYTHING you want to in Minecraft, it seems like a pretty good deal to me!

It was also announced today that Minecraft, along with Bloodforge, Fable Heroes, and Trials Evolution will all have an available Gamerscore of 400 points. Before this, XBLA games could only have a Gamerscore of 200, so for those people who put a big emphasis in having a high Gamerscore, it looks like you’ll get more bang for your buck with these titles! Happy building!


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