Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Apr 3, 2012

Angry Birds Slingshot Is An Actual Slingshot

This is it folks. The day you have long awaited for. There have been theme parks, and giant monuments built for Angry Birds, but nothing that you can take home with you. Well, other than the game obviously.

The Red Angry Bird Slingshot Launcher is a tangible thing, and you can find it on Amazon. It costs about $13 though, which is a bit ridiculous. However, it looks about as realistic as this little video game character can get.

Keep in mind that with shipping, you will be spending about $18 on a little plastic bird and shoddy slingshot, but if you’re ok with that, by all means, go right ahead. It weighs a whopping 8 ounces, and will take almost two weeks to get to you. Is your devotion to this wacky little game strong enough to buy it?


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