Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 30, 2012

Bastion Is Now Available On Mac App Store

It may do all of you well to know that Bastion, the incredibly brilliant RPG title from Supergiant Games, is finally available now for Macs via the App Store. The game originally released for both PC and Xbox 360 some time ago, and was recently playable via Google Chrome, and it stayed that way until now.

Bastion is a very colorful RPG that has players taking control of the Kid, a survivor from a cataclysmic event known as the Catastrophe. His world as he knew it is now a mere memory, with only the Bastion – the one saving grace that Caelondia ever knew. After waking from a hazy dream, the Kid finds that his fate is to scour what’s left of the world that sits in the wake of the Calamity to reclaim cores of what used to be. Piece by piece he restores Caelondia to its former self, and a heft decision falls on his shoulders in the end.

The Mac App Store has the full game for $14.99 right now, which is a nice price for a title this epic. I guarantee you won’t regret spending your cash. It’s about time Mac users got a taste of Bastion, and before you know it you’ll be whisked away to Caelondia, leaving this reality behind.


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