Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 24, 2012

GamesStop Announces That It Has Expanded Their Digital Game Selection

GameStop sent out a press release today saying that they’ve expanded their digital game section for the PC. At this time, over 1,500 downloadable PC games are available throughout their 4,400 US stores and their website. This brings Impulse, which was purchased by GameStop, on par with Steam, which is known as the industry leader in the digitally distributed gaming field.

To celebrate their expansion, GameStop is having a big sale: “To help celebrate this new option for customers, GameStop will be offering up to 75 percent off top PC game downloads. Titles including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Civilization V, Age of Empires III, Deus Ex Human Revolution and Magicka Collection will be on sale effective today. Visit www.GameStop.com/pc for complete details. ”

Many people, including myself, will say that Steam is a better platform than Impulse. However, Impulse does have something over Steam: the ability to go into a GameStop and purchase a code to redeem games through Impulse, even if there is no physical copy of the game for you to pick up. While most gamers just use their credit and debit cards to pay for games through Steam, this method of paying for digital games in cash or store credit is perfect for the gamer who doesn’t have a credit or debit card. I only wish they had this kind of payment system in place when I was a kid!



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