Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 11, 2012

Hottest Game Of The Year Only Available In North Korea!

In what is possibly one of the greatest coups ever recorded, North Korea seems to have snagged the hottest game of the year and it’s only available inside the country. That’s right, I’m talking about North Korea Tractor Simulator!

All joking aside, I find it interesting to see what a country like North Korea, who controls everything about the media in any way, shape, or form, does with this power. The answer it to apparently develop a monstrosity designed to teach students how to drive a tractor in North Korea, while apparently not wasting any of their precious fuel. The image was taken Samijyon Schoolchildren’s Palace in Samijyon, North Korea. The facility itself was built for kids to take part in after school programs designed to teach them skills for the North Korean real world.

I do have this to say, though. That CRT monitor that the kid is staring into is probably extremely rare and valuable for the average North Korean, and that’s kind of sad, really. In any other industrialized nation, such a monitor would likely be thrown into the streets if people weren’t concerned about the environmental impact.


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