Posted by Derrick Hoffert on Apr 13, 2012

IPL Vegas Recap

This past weekend was an exciting weekend in E-Sports as we had two big events take place!  Season 4 of the IGN Pro League and the GSTL Grand Finals were hosted at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas at the same time.  The IPL kicked off the weekend with a great start where many top players were upset and we saw some new names make their mark in Starcraft II. The first major upset of the weekend was when Scarlett, the winner of the Playhem “Sponsor Me!” tournament winner in Canada, took a 2-1 victory over Korean pro TeriousPrime. For the rest of the bracket, however, we did not see any other upsets.  Group play had some spectacular games with some very good results, as NesTea took his group in a surprising 4-0 fashion and only dropped 2 maps throughout the group stage. MarineKingPrime also took his group with a 4-0 score as well, though admittedly this isn’t as surprising. However, it’s still a great result for him in his group.

As the weekend continued, with the open bracket wrapping up and players getting seeded, there weren’t too many unexpected results. At the end of the day Saturday for IPL, however, another tournament was beginning and that was the much anticipated GSTL Grand Finals between Prime and StarTale. Both teams were flown over by IPL to play this game in Las Vegas.  The games started out smoothly for StarTale, who took a 2-1 lead. Prime then sent out their star player, MarineKing, and that’s when things got sticky.  As the game was looking like it was possibly going to end, MarineKing was dropped from the game with Parting, who had a slight lead over MarineKing at that time.  After about a 20 minute wait, the referee’s finally came to a decision to redo the game, which sparked a lot of controversy.  With the controversy stirring, the game was started again, and MarineKing took the game in the same fashion he meant to in the game before the drop. He then went on to finish the finals taking 4 games in a row against StarTale to win the Grand Finals for Prime.

Championship Sunday started off on the top of the bracket. The only major upsets in the first round were Stephan sweeping Bomber with a 2-0 victory, and MarineKingPrime taking a clean sweep as well over MMA.  Two of the fan favorites were pitted against each other next round, as NesTea faced off against Stephano, a match that everybody was excited for.  NesTea took the series 2-1, and made it to the Winners bracket finals.  In the Losers bracket, Squirtle was unstoppable, upsetting Bomber, eliminating the crowd favorite MarineKingPrime, and then beating MMA.  To win the Losers bracket, all Squirtle had to do was beat NesTea. Though it was close, Squirtle took the series 3-2 series over NesTea, bringing him up to the grand finals against FnaticaLive.  Being from the Losers bracket, Squirtle had a tough challenge, as he had to win 2 best of five series in a row to win the tournament.  He gained a ton of fans and slowly became a favorite as he took the first series in an extremely close 3-2 victory, but then the next series started.  Squirtle was unable to live up to the challenge, however, and dropped the series 0-3 and FnaticaLive was crowned the IPL4 champion.


Though there were few upsets, it was an exciting weekend as new players made names for themselves, and other players showed that they aren’t out of the game yet.  With the tournament season starting up, there are bound to be many more tournaments that will be just as big and exciting as this last weekend was with IPL Season 4 and the GSTL Grand Finals.

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