Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Apr 24, 2012

ITC Rules Against Microsoft In Motorola Patent Case

It looks like Microsoft may be in some hot water, thanks to a preliminary ruling by the US International Trade Commission. According to the ruling, the Xbox 360 infringes on no less than four patents owned by Motorola. The patents in question relate to the H.264 video standard, which make the issue of infringement seem like a cut-and-dry case.

Despite the fact that Motorola clearly owns the patents in question, Microsoft is still fighting the issue. Their main argument is that Motorola is going to “kill video on the web” by demanding excessive royalties for use of their video encoding.

So what does this mean for Xbox 360 owners? For the moment, nothing. The issue is going to need reviewed by a panel of ITC judges. This process will likely take a good deal of time, as Microsoft will be fighting the ruling every step of the way. However, should they lose, one can only wonder if we’ll see another increase in the cost of Xbox Live subscriptions, to cover the cost of the lawsuit.


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