Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 11, 2012

Lost Planet 3 Debut Trailer Takes Thermal To The Next Level

One of my favorite titles for consoles just so happens to be one of the most overlooked, which is unfortunate. This game is Lost Planet, which, despite this fact, spawned a sequel. Though I wasn’t a complete fan of Lost Planet 2, it was still a good game. After it released, I imagined that the series would be at its end. I soon discovered that I was terribly wrong, but in a surprisingly happy way.

The trailer below has just released, and it’s debuting a third entry into the Lost Planet series. Simply titled Lost Planet 3, the game looks like it’s got plenty of what the previous games included, only in much bigger quantity. The game introduces players to Jim, a rig pilot who leaves his home planet of Earth to brave the harsh environments of E.D.N. III. He is currently working with Neo-Venus Construction (NEVEC) who is still continuing to work on colonizing this brutal planet.

Watching the trailer reignited my love for the series. The entire trailer looks good, and if that’s anything like what we’ll see in actual gameplay, then this could be the best game in the series. The release date for Lost Planet 3 is set right now for the first quarter of 2013, so we’ve a while to wait. Brace yourselves, the cold is coming. Better save what thermal energy you’ve left. Now get to watching the trailer below!

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