Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 30, 2012

New Skyrim DLC Hinted In Latest Patch? [Rumor]

Sometimes, people get curious about what’s in store for a game. Now, most people might just turn to the web, sifting through tons of so-called “true” rumors about what some new DLC might contain. If you’re like Karellan, from the BethSoft forums, however, you might actually try your hand at deciphering code in game to see what’s there.

Using a utility called strings.exe, Karellan found out some interesting things about what the next DLC may contain. Many of the files he found had a prefix stating DLC01. This seems to show that Bethesda is starting to upload a few of the DLC files into the game ahead of time. The file names themselves tell the full story about what’s in store. It looks like the DLC is going to contain snow elves, including the snow elf prince. Also included in the DLC are changes to the animation of how vampires feed, and crossbows, which have not made it into the game as of yet. Lastly, there seems to be a set of files that are all prefixed with RF, and the files all seem to be conversation files. It has been guessed by some people that it’s for a new follower, but there’s no way to be sure.

It’ll be interesting to see more of the history of the snow elves in the game, and what happened to them. In game lore, snow elves were driven out by the Nords, who then proceeded to seek refuge with the dwemer. However, the dwemer betrayed them, and the snow elves were enslaved. After the dwemer died out, the snow elves were twisted, and were left as blind, shattered husks called of the great people they once were. They became the falmer. Will this new DLC contain their revenge and their return to glory?


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