Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Apr 10, 2012

Nintendo 3DS Commercial Wants To Be Viral

Writing this post has put me in quite a dilemma. While I don’t find this particular commercial very funny, they seem to address everything you would think people think about when making internet commercials. By writing about it in general, I almost feel dirty for spreading this to more people.

Nintendo was fully aware how non-subtle and non-funny this commercial is, as they put it in the description of their video on YouTube. This leads me to question whether I find this funny, or sad. There is obviously a lot of time and effort that went into this video, but the content is just sort of ridiculous (and not in a good way).

There’s product placement, models, an actor, and people getting kicked in the nuts. We have all seen videos that contain these things, as it’s in our everyday lives. However, has Nintendo gone a bit overboard with this one? Does it have hints of hilarity? Or is it just as terrible as my heart feels that it is?

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