Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 5, 2012

Only War, A Warhammer 40K Tabletop Game, Announced

If you’re a tabletop fan, then you’ve no doubt heard about the insane Warhammer series. This tabletop RPG has tons of fans wrapped up around the globe who pour their hearts into the game, and its miniatures. Warhammer fans are some of the most diehard fans of any game I’ve seen, and their devotion knows no bounds when it comes to playing. If you’re one of these loyal fans, then your day is about to get much sweeter.

Fantasy Flight Games, the masterminds behind many great board and tabletop games, have just announced a new entry into the Warhammer series – Only War. This new addition into the series is a standalone Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying game. In Only War players will take on the roles of soldiers in the Imperial Guard, who serve as the personal armies to the God-Emperor. Each player will play as a Guardsman and set out on a quest to fight the eternal foes of the Imperial – the xenos, the mutant, the heretic, and the Ruinous Powers.

There will be many tasks ahead of you as a royal Guardsman. Your squad may be set out to guide an important dignitary through a battle-scarred wasteland, or given orders to infiltrate a fortress to deliver some very important intelligence. There will be plenty of missions, and they very between one another. As a Guardsman, you’ll have the choice between one of twelve Specialties which will add special skills to your squad. Would you like to serve the light as a Ministorum Priest, or wield powerful technology as a Storm Trooper? The choice is yours to make.

I’m a fan of the Warhammer series, and it seems that the more that’s released, the more fun the game gets. Warhammer is a very broad tabletop RPG, and it spans quite a few different realms and galaxies. There’s always something to do in the game, and campaigns are some of the most creative I’ve seen. Only war will be coming to store shelves in the third quarter of this year. If you want to learn more about this new standalone, you can head to the game’s official page. Are you ready to fight the good fight?

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