Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 11, 2012

Resident Evil 6 Captivate Trailer Is Live, Gets A Bumped Up Release Date

It’s not often at all that we hear of release dates for games being bumped up, but when we do it’s always exciting. When the projected game is Resident Evil 6, that news is even sweeter. The sixth entry in the Resident Evil series has caused much buzz within the gaming community, and a new trailer that’s just been released has fans all broken into a zombified frenzy. Not only does it show brand new storyline advancement, but a brand new release date as well.

In Resident Evil 6 we see both Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield in the nightmare once again, ten years after the outbreak in Raccoon City. The President of the United States has made the decision to reveal the truth behind the original incident and expose Umbrella for the treacherous monster they are. A very unhappy terrorist group makes a bio-attack on the President, and the city in which they are staying. With Leon as the President’s official security agent, and Chris as a loyal B.S.A.A. operative, both forces collide in a city wrought with scenes of terror.

The trailer shows us both Chris’ and Leon’s approach to the new outbreak, as well as some brand new plot twists. We see someone who Leon calls “Sherry,” which leads me to believe that she is the Sherry Birkin from the second game. This is a big twist to the story, as we’ve not seen or heard about her since. We also find out something even more surprising, but I don’t want to spoil it. Make sure you check out the trailer below. At the end, you’ll see that the release date for the game has been moved up to October 2nd! We’ll get to knock off some zombie heads even sooner than planned!

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