Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 18, 2012

Review – PureTrak Special Edition White Mouse Pad

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A while back I got to review a brand new mouse pad from an upcoming peripheral company called PureTrak. I was lucky enough to hear from them again at this past weekend’s LANWar XXII event, and while there I picked up the new Special Edition White Talent mouse pad. I’ve been putting the new pad through the paces, and I’ve got to say it’s just what I expected. It’s super large like the original Talent, and comes packaged the same way.

The White Talent comes packaged in the same cardboard tube as the original, which makes it perfect for packing back and forth between gaming events. It’s also handy for when you need to store it. Since I have the original pad as well, it’s nice to be able to just pop it into the canister and store it on a shelf for when I need it, or a friend comes over and is in need of a pad to use.

As for the look and feel of the pad, it doesn’t differ too much from the original. It still feels smooth and slick, though it’s white. It also sports the Talent logo across its entirety, which I did like. The original pad was a cool blue, but when you look at the white Talent it jumps out at you a bit better. Through the logo the pattern on the pad changes and shifts. Overall, it just looks better in my opinion.

It’s still a large mouse pad, and takes up half of my keyboard drawer. I don’t have a problem with that, as I feel better knowing I have more room to slide the mouse when I need it. There’s something about constantly needing to pick up the mouse to move it every thirty seconds that gets really annoying. With the Talent, that becomes obsolete all together.

When it gets to the bottom line, the Special Edition White Talent mouse pad performs just as the original Talent does, and the only real change is in the aesthetics. The white color is new, and honestly looks better than the original Talent. You can pick it up for $29.99 on PureTrak’s site, and it’s definitely worth the buy if you’re looking to upgrade your current mouse pad.

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