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Review – Razer Naga Gaming Mouse

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I’ve switched between many a mouse in my gaming day, and through all of them I’ve only found one that’s proven consistent throughout my career. This proved true until I went out browsing for a new mouse one day for my laptop. As I perused, I came upon the Razer Naga Gaming Mouse, and little did I know it would be the mouse that changed my perspective. I’d heard much about Razer, and they’re a company that is well-known for their gaming peripherals. As an avid MMO player, I’ve found that the Naga is a perfect tool for any arsenal you could think of, but it doesn’t stop there. I got the chance to dig my claws into the Naga, and it didn’t disappoint me.

First Look

The first obvious feature about the Naga is its one-handed keypad on the left side of the mouse. I was surprised to see something like this, and at first it seemed a little off-putting. I couldn’t conceive how this mouse would be comfortable with those keys jutting out the side, but using the mouse proved me wrong. These buttons didn’t get in the way of feeling comfortable, and they became very useful, but I’ll get into that a bit more later.

On from the keypad, the Naga sports a sleek ergonomic design, which can be misleading at first. The top of the Naga is treated in a rubberized coating that is gentle to the touch. The coating helps prevent sweating while you’re gaming for long hours, and there is very little slip. From a distance, the mouse looks small, which really worried me due to my having huge hands. When I palmed it, however, the mouse felt near-perfect in size for me. It’s not too large, though it’s not entirely small.

The Naga features a lighting system that helps illuminate each of the buttons when all is dark. It certainly is bright enough to light nearly an entire room, but it won’t blind you or anyone else that’s gaming near it. The Razer logo is inset on the top rear of the mouse and it shines bright, adding some style to an already great design.


Comfort and Performance

Though the Naga seems small, and I have giant hands, there was no feeling of discomfort when using it. When I say I dug my claws into it, I meant it. My monstrous grip fit around the Naga comfortably and without slip. Going back to the keypad, none of the buttons got in my way when I set out to game. Some players complained that these keys were easy to mis-click, but I didn’t have this issue at all. On the contrary, actually, once I learned the keypad layout they each came very much in handy. These buttons were utilized mainly for MMO gaming, as they correspond easily to the number keys, which mostly serve as your spells in-game. I had no problem popping off spell after spell, and hitting my rotation while playing, and it actually made my casting quicker. The keypad is the shining star of the Naga, though it singles it out as mainly an MMO mouse. In FPS games as well as strategy titles, the keypad did little to nothing.

Sliding across the mouse pad was like slicing through butter. The Naga comes equipped with Zero-acoustic Ultraslick feet that allow it to move with very great ease. I didn’t have to force it around, and when I needed to pinpoint stop, it stopped. When you consider that this mouse is one without a weight system, it really knocks out the competition. The Naga simply doesn’t need a weight system. You use your own finesse to make the Naga work for you, not the other way around.

The Naga’s movement makes it a competitor in the FPS genre, though it’s not the top of its class. Aiming is sleek and without delay, though this can be achieved with many other mice of its kind. There isn’t anything special about it that would offer the edge in firefights, which is why at the end of the day the Naga is best used for MMO players. Some action titles can be swept up by the mouse, using the keypad for macros and abilities, though it still loses some of its touch. In MMO titles is where the Naga shows its flair.

Software and Programming

When it comes to software, Razer has included their own unique system with the Naga. The software is called Synapse, and it’s pretty easy to use. You need only install it, and register an account. By registering an account with the software, it allows you to take all of your macros on the go. No matter what system you use, as long as you have the software installed and the mouse, you can pull any of your profiles down for use.

There’s no limit to how many profiles you can create, so the options are plentiful. You can assign different buttons to the keypad, as well as the two extra buttons on the top left of the mouse. These can come in useful for when you switch games, or characters within a game. There are also some add-ons available, and with being able to take your profiles with you, Synapse is an amazing counterpart to the Naga’s performance.



While the Naga isn’t the perfect all-rounded mouse, it’s still a great tool for hardcore gamers. If you’re an avid MMO player, I’d say the Naga is a must-have for your tool set. With the useful keypad, ergonomic and comfortable design, and software that tailors to the player, Razer has found a way to make a peripheral that easily sweeps the competition. Not only does the Naga out-perform many other MMO mice on the market, it does so while looking amazing. You can pick up one of these right now for around $80, which is a perfect price for something that performs this well. Some players were reporting that the mouse was ridden with bugs, but Razer updated the drivers to correct a lot of these issues. I didn’t experience any random shut-offs, dying, or resetting while I was using it. I’ve decided to make the Naga my primary mouse, which is a big jump for me. Seriously, it’s just that good.

The Good

  • very accurate tracking
  • plenty of buttons for macro programming
  • awesome lighting effects
  • unlimited profiles for customization
  • comes equipped with specific add-ons for MMOs
  • very comfortable with good grip

The Bad

  • less useful in FPS games
  • some user-reported bugs
  • could be small for some players
  • keypad could get in the way for some players

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