Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 4, 2012

South Australia May Restrict Sale Of MA15+ Games To Adults Only

It’s looking like South Australia is going to restrict the sale of MA15+ games to adults only. John Rau, the Attorney-General for South Australia, has said that they are looking to introduce an R18+ rating for games, but they will treat it legally as the same as the MA15+ games.

John Rau, the Attorney-General of South Australia had this to say: “(M)y intention is that the South Australian legislation will prevent the sale of MA15+ games to minors. This move will give parents greater certainty about the appropriateness of games for their children.”

This means that legally people under 18 will not be able to buy MA15+ rated games. While the USA doesn’t have a legal requirement to restrict the sales of M rated games from minors, many retailers will prevent people under 17 years old from buying M rated games. Of course, some stores police this policy more than others, so it’ll be interesting to see how it works in Australia. I’m willing to bet though that when the law is passed, though, and MA15+ games are sold for adults only, it’ll probably be regulated just like cigarettes are in the United States. Expect to see lots of older kids making game runs for the younger ones!


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