Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 30, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken’s Infinite Combos Will Be Cut Out With Patch In May

Last month there were a total of four “infinite combos” found in Street Fighter X Tekken which have players in an uproar. These combos can go on for an endless amount of time, and they’re difficult to defend against. Some players have been exploiting them, making the chart climb a fast and ruthless one. The good news here is that these combos will become a thing of the past once a patch for the game releases mid May.

The characters who can be used in the combo fashion are Pac-Man, Xiayou, Kazuya, and Kuro. Both Kuro and Pac-Man were console-exclusive characters on the PS3. With Kuro specifically, this little kitten will enter the match and continuously deal low-blows to the opponent until the match is over. Xiayou, on the other hand, uses a one-frame link between her attacks to gain her infinite.

A patch rolling out next month will wipe these combos out completely, and add some other fixes. Changes to frame data and how attacks are blocked will also make the cut. Sorry guys, it looks like you’ll have to learn your techniques all over again.


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