Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Apr 9, 2012

The Last Of The Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Characters Have Hit Retailers

That’s it folks! The last of the 32 Skylanders characters are in retail stores. They’re a cute little bunch, named Warnado, Camo, and Wham-Shell. It seems like only yesterday the game was released!

The first, Warnado the first and only turtle-type Skylander we’ve seen. He is among the air elemental characters, and can not only summon a tornado, but spin like one too. Camo is in the group of the life element characters, packing a punch through his primary sun burst attack, and firecrackers vines for tough spots. Last, but not least, Wham-Shell finishes off the water element Skylanders. He used to rule over an underwater kingdom, but once it was invaded by trolls, he wanted to seek revenge using a mighty mace left from a long line of kings before him.

It is a bit sad to see the all the characters out now, as that means we won’t be seeing more Skylanders on the horizon. However, we will have Skylanders Giants to look forward to, as it is coming in the Fall. If you haven’t had enough Skylanders action in the game, you can get in on the Skylanders Spyros Universe Beta.

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