Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 10, 2012

Avengers: Battle For Earth Confirmed, Coming To Kinect And Wii U

Earlier this week we commented on some news that domains were registered for Avengers: Battle for Earth, which led us to believe that a game based off of the movie could be seeing the light of day. That hunch was confirmed this morning when Ubisoft made an announcement. The game won’t be coming in a normal format, rather it is being developed for only the Kinect and Wii U.

Avengers: Battle for Earth is in development over at Ubisoft Quebec right now, and it’s taking great shape. Players will use motion controls to fend off the alien Skrull, to protect the citizens of Earth yet again. Tony Key, Marketing VP for Ubisoft, was noted as saying “The idea that we’re making a motion control version of ‘The Avengers’ is a unique proposition if you compare that to superhero games in the past. This is the perfect type of game for that because these characters are very action-oriented. They’re always fighting and throwing things.” The statement comes by way of the Washington Post.

The plot of the game comes from the storyline in the comics where the Skrull Invasion takes place. This immediately has the game deviating from the movie, pulling instead from the Avengers’ comic book roots. It’s a good twist, I think, as the Skrull Invasion has Skrulls posing as superheroes on Earth. This would make for quite the storyline if you ask me. I just don’t know how on-board I am with the whole Kinect/Wii U idea.


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