Posted by Chris Scott Barr on May 2, 2012

Games That Shouldn’t Exist – Perfect Strangers

In the late 80’s and early 90’s there was a TV show called Perfect Strangers, on ABC’s TGIF lineup. If you never had the chance to experience TGIF as a kid, you missed out. Anyway, Perfect Strangers was a quirky show about a guy and his long-lost cousin from a foreign country who moves in with him. The premise is wacky enough for a sitcom, but now it would seem that someone has translated this into a video game.

If you head over to nothingsgonnastopmenow.com you’ll find a very silly game that’s set to the tune of the show’s theme song. It has you enter in a dream, and then you’re running down a road (or flying in the sky) collecting stars and chasing your dream. If you play a perfect game, you’ll achieve the prestigious rank of “#1 – SPIDERMAN BALKI.

Obviously, the game is an advertisement for the old series. When you finish, you’ll find a link to purchase episodes from iTunes. I’m still blown away by the fact that this even exists. I mean, somewhere out there someone thought that there needed to be a Perfect Strangers game where you collect stars.


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