Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 3, 2012

GameStop Changing Up Black Ops 2 Pre-Orders, Offering More Rewards

Everyone knows that when a new Call of Duty game releases there will be plenty of pre-order goodies for players to snatch up. Some of these items include special packaging for the game, collectable medals, an RC car, or some in-game weapons or avatar items. How this usually works is simple: go slap some money down on the game in a pre-order, and reap the rewards when the game launches. With Black Ops 2, however, GameStop is changing up the whole pre-order process.

Gamers who get their pre-order placed early will earn the most rewards, while those who wait will fall at the bottom of the tier. Here’s how the new system will work: pre-orders will go out in waves. During the first wave, which is the earliest, players will receive the first bonuses, plus any that are announced afterward. During the second wave players will gain any of those bonuses, plus any announced after. This process will then repeat until the final wave starts. There will be four waves total.

The first wave is currently set in motion, and the bonus being a double-sided poster. Those who pre-order the game by June 30th who are GameStop PowerUp Rewards members will grab a Prestige token for use in Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer. This seems like a nice idea, as many of the Call of Duty fans will already have their pre-orders set early on. There aren’t any details on the other wave bonuses, but as they arrive we’ll update here.


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