Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 22, 2012

GameStop PowerUp Rewards Program Issuing Changes, Not Telling Customers

If you’re a fan of the GameStop PowerUp Rewards program, this would be a good time for you to listen. Fans will know that by signing up for the program you’ll be able to get an issue of Game Informer every month as long as you’re signed up. To some gamers these magazines are collectible, while some just read them for the reviews. Of course, there are some players out there who don’t want to bother with print issues, so they choose to go digital. That’s where the change comes in.

It looks like the company isn’t too happy about the amount of digital subscriptions that’s standing and wants to change it. Of course it costs more money to make print issues than digital, so it would make some sense when trying to cut costs to push digital. From now on when you sign up for the PowerUp Rewards program, or renew your subscription you will automatically be set to receive only digital copies. Even if you’ve been getting print for however many years, it will roll you over unless you say something.

GameStop employees have been instructed not to mention this to customers (which I find aggravating), so unless you specifically tell them when you sign up/renew, they will set you to receive digital copies. While for some this may not be an issue, for those like me who keep the issues it will most certainly be frustrating. As an alternative you can call in to Game Informer customer support to have your subscription changed without any hassle. I haven’t seen the digital issues, but from what I heard they’re not even .pdf files. What you get is a digital arrow pointing to the Game Informer website and that’s no fun. If you want to continue getting your print copies, make sure you lock down your decision and make note when you renew.


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