Posted by Chris Scott Barr on May 7, 2012

Indie All-Stars Bundle Has Gaming Roots

We’ve seen a lot of indie bundles over the last year or two. Usually this means a group of semi-popular indie games packaged together at a price that you determine. If you pay more than the average person, that generally means you get a few more games kicked in as a token of gratitude. Well now it seems that the idea has caught on in the music world.

Now I’m not one to push music on people, and certainly not from this outlet. However, the contents of the Indie All-Stars Bundle have more ties to the gaming world than just their business model. For instance, you’ll find PPPPPP, otherwise known as the soundtrack for VVVVVV. You’ll also get Yours as Fast as Mine, from The Main Drag. The drummer for this band, John Drake works for Harmonix, which you know as the team behind Rock Band. A majority of the other albums contain music that can also be found in the Rock Band store.

If you want to support independent music, and help these guys keep making tunes for games, then I suggest downloading the Indie All-Stars Bundle. You get 10 albums for whatever you’re willing to pay, and if you pay more than the average (currently around $7.50), you’ll get 5 more albums for free.


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