Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on May 24, 2012

KickBeat Is A Music Combat Game For PS Vita

If you looked at the title, you likely groaned at the thought of another musical rhythm game. However, it’s not as bad as it seems. It’s no Rock Band or Dance Dance Revolution, and more than that, it doesn’t require any physical activity on your part (other than pressing buttons). Yay sedentary lifestyles!

This game is meant for the PS Vita, and will utilize either the buttons, or the touchscreen. Instead of arrows or notes flying at you, you’ll have enemies creeping towards you from four different directions, and will need to hit the correlating button or part of the screen to defeat them. As your screen is quite small, you will have the option of having your score and other interface parts off screen so it’s nothing but action.

The storyline is sort of what gets me. If they’re the guardians of all the world’s music, then why did they fail so hard at their job? I mean, if you only have one purpose in your existence, and fail at it, you must be terrible at what you do. Why start off a game where you’ve already lost? Any-who, it still looks like an interesting game to play, I would probably just try to block out the cut-scenes. There isn’t much more information about this game just yet, but it will be shown at E3, which means more news about it is bound to show up.


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