Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 11, 2012

Penn State Student Creates Working Portal Turret

A student in the mechatronics division of Penn State recently created a fully-operational Portal turret replica. This life-size replica can actually track targets and fire projectiles at them. And for a little touch, it even has a pre-recorded turret voice to welcome and warn targets.

The video below shows the student as he demonstrates his prowess and creation. The turret uses an IP web camera along with coding to track any individual who is wearing a pink shirt. Once the target is acquired, the turret then unleashes a volley of Nerf darts into their frail little body.

Right now the frame is exposed, but a body is currently on the table in the works. I think it’s pretty impressive build, and I’m looking forward to seeing it completed. The sooner it’s finished, the sooner the student can sell the plans and have the turret mass-produced. You know you’ll be ordering one.


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