Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 2, 2012

Quake Live Offers Free Premium Week, Adds New Content

After our recent travel to BoilerFrag 4.0 up at Purdue, I’ve been getting into the Quake series. I enjoyed playing Quake 4, and I even tried some Open Arena for a bit while battling sleep. Emerging from the event, I learned of Quake Live, which is a free online multiplayer Quake title that you can sign up for, and play for hours on end. It’s a great game for killing time, and it’s perfect practice for when your buddies challenge you to a Quake game, unsuspecting that you’ve been honing your skills.

When you sign up for the game you’re allotted a standard account, which is free, that allows you to join public matches or train with bots on different maps. There is a second type of account, called the Premium Account, which allows players to create private matches with friends, and much more. To get this account players must shell out $2 per month, which isn’t as bad compared to other games that charge subscription fees.

Just announced for Quake Live is the news that a huge load of new content has arrived that will surely help make the game even more addicting. Five new game modes, including Red Rover (a zombies type mode), and Domination (territory control mode) will be coming to Premium members. Along with these new game modes are four new maps to try them out on, a couple of which were inspired by Campgrounds. These items will be free to all members for a week, running through May 6th. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Quake Live yet, now’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the multiplayer fragging mayhem.


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