Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 2, 2012

Rock Band For The iOS Will Burn Out At The End Of May

For those who are about to rock on the iOS version of the popular rhythm game Rock Band, your time will be cut short by the end of this month. According to RockBandAide, this version of the game will be laid to rest on May 31st, making it no longer playable on the mobile device.

The Rock Band Reloaded app that just hit the App Store not too long ago looks to be unaffected by this, and no word on its demise has been announced as of yet. Harmonix’s John Drake sent out a tweet that explains Harmonix wasn’t the publisher for the title, and they’re “working to better understand what’s up ASAP.”

We haven’t heard from EA on the issue, yet, and are waiting. Harmonix is working on getting to the root of the problem, so something will surface. It looks like the only thing we can do right now is continue to rock out until the deadline hits. Make sure you get those extra headbangs in while you can, dudes.



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