Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on May 23, 2012

The Dream Machine

Do you like horror? How about point and click adventure games? If you’re a fan of both, then the Dream Machine may be a game worth looking into.

This episodic adventure game will likely make you feel as though you stepped into a a Salvador Dali painting as it is oftentimes in a surrealistic dreamland. You’ll be playing the part of Victor Neff, who has just moved into a new apartment with his wife. The perils you will face will be like nothing else you’ve seen before.

I have to give serious props to this game, as they used traditional media to make this game. Instead of computer generated art, they built the game out of clay and cardboard. Both are serious art forms (not saying that one is greater than the other), but I do carry a fondness for games that step out of the traditional role. Episodes 1-3 are already out, but you can buy the whole bundle for about $17 directly from the site, or for $14.99 on Steam.


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