Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 3, 2012

The Elder Scrolls Online Officially Announced – Taking Tamriel To The Net

The team over at Game Informer has revealed the cover of their next print issue, and it’s got gamers in an uproar. Bethesda has made official the game we’ve been anticipating for a while now – The Elder Scrolls Online. The world containing Skyrim, Elsweyr, and more will be open to players like never before.

The game is being developed by Zenimax Online Studios, and those folks are working furiously. The Elder Scrolls Online will take the vast exploration that the series is noted for and merge that with the social aspects and scale of an MMO. A brand new story and path will open to players in the world, which is set a millennium before the events take place in Skyrim. The daedric prince Molag Bal is exercising his powers in attempts to pull Tamriel into his domain, and it will be up to you to put a stop to his deed.

Game Director Matt Firor commented on the game’s development process, saying, “It will be extremely rewarding finally to unveil what we’ve been developing the last several years. The entire team is committed to creating the best MMO ever made  – and one that’s worthy of The Elder Scrolls Franchise.” Firor is most noted for his work on Dark Age of Camelot, yet another high-ranking RPG.

More details about the game will arrive in the June issue of Game Informer, including information on solo questing, public dungeons, and battling across the land of Tamiriel. Later this afternoon Bethesda plans to reveal the first screenshot of the game, and we’re eagerly awaiting its beauty. The Elder Scrolls Online is set to release in 2013 for both PC and Mac. Will it put an end to the MMOs that players know so well? We’ll have to wait for further details before we can say for sure.


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