Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on May 23, 2012

The LEAP Motion Lets You Reach Inside Of Your Computer

If you use a PC, you likely use a mouse to control the arrow on the screen. While that’s all fine and dandy, this particular piece of hardware may not always do what you want it to. You may not have fast enough DPI to your liking, dust can get in the way of the sensor, and it may just be uncomfortable to use.

What if there were a way to control what was on the screen in a whole new way that wouldn’t cramp your hand, and could move as fast as you can? I’m not talking about touchscreen here, as that still requires you to impact something (poking the screen is like clicking a mouse). The LEAP Motion is about the size of a flash drive, but you won’t be placing your hand over top of it and moving it around. It gives you 8 cubic feet of interactive space that will read your hands.

Working in tandem with control software, you can reach into your computer and pull out information much in the same way that you would pull a cookie out of a jar. The sensors are 200x more sensitive than most other touch-free products (so says the website) and it can read a swipe from your hand about as precisely as a pen stroke. You can modify it however you’d like, so this is a pretty sweet looking peripheral for only $70 (pre-order only at the moment). This makes me think of the PS Move or the Kinect, but it doesn’t require you to hold anything. Makes you wonder what playing your normal PC games on it would be like doesn’t it?

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