Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 21, 2012

VGHS Episode 2 Live, Tosses Up A Virtual Expulsion

Freddie Wong, a notable maker of awesome videos on Youtube, has been working hard on his newest project, which has been a webseries. The new series is called Video Game High School and, as you expected, it’s frickin’ sweet. Freddie has been working with Rocket Jump to make the series possible and so far it’s worked out flawlessly.

The series follows a kid by the name of BrianD who is an upcoming competitive gamer. He finds himself called upon by his fellow team mates, though chores pull him from the battle. Escaping back to the warzone BrianD is met with an unfortunate fate. His reflexes kick into action at the last minute and, thinking fast, BrianD pulls out of the peril, all while eliminating the world’s most elite player in the process. The next day he sees an invitation at his door welcoming him to VGHS – a gamer’s heaven on Earth.

The second episode is up now, and you can watch it here. When I first heard of the series premiere I was a bit apprehensive, I’ll admit. After I sat down and watched it, however, I was surprised. Rocket Jump and Freddie have done a great job piecing the series together with the first two episodes and it’s not the cliche I expected. Check out the second episode yourselves and strap in for when the rest of the series releases.

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