Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 24, 2012

WizKids Offers a Preview For Upcoming Ant-Man, Wasp, and Hank Pym HeroClix

The upcoming Marvel Heroclix: Chaos War has some pretty surprising characters in it. WizKids is working to bring us some power-packed heroes as well as new powers that we’ve not yet seen. Now they’ve previewed for us Ant-Man and Wasp together on one base, known as the Mite-Y Avengers. The Chaos War set will be the set that both characters can split into.

The latest preview for the new set is a 3-character preview. We get to see Wasp, Ant-Man, and Hank Pym all separate on their own dial. We’ll take a look at each character individually a bit for a summary of what to expect when Chaos War releases.

First up is Wasp. She’s fast and agile, and can really pack a punch when needed. She starts off the battle with Running Shot, allowing her to utilize her 6 range to hit 2 targets and divide up her 3 damage. This makes her dangerous from the start of battle. She can also combine her attacks with Bio Electric Blasts that allow her to use Incapacitate. This means if she uses the ability and hits a target they are dealt 1 penetrating damage after all effects are resolved. With her Tiny ability, Wasp can gain a +1 to defense when ranged attacks are made against her.  Super Senses allow Wasp to avoid attacks all together, while Leadership adds an action to her force. She’s definitely a top-notch character to have in your opening team.

Next we move on to Ant-Man. He jumps right into play with special powers that make him especially beefy. The first power, OK, I’m a Voyeur, So What? says that when an adjacent character moves due to its own action, you can once per turn place Ant-Man in a square adjacent to that character after the action resolves. Ant-Man has a special damage ability called Irredeemable Lair that sad he can use Outwit, though only to counter an opposing character’s Outwit or Perplex. He soon picks up Energy Explosion to go with his 3 ranged attack. Later on down the road, Ant-Man’s movement changes to Stealth. Finally, in desperate times, Ant-Man grabs Blades/Claws/Fangs to go with his Exploit Weakness ability. This ensures that damage dealt is damage done.

Finally we make it to Hank Pym. This alter-ego has capabilities of his own, and makes up the last part of the Split. Pym starts play with the Tinkerer Supreme ability, which allows him to gain a free action whenever he occupies a space with a light or heavy object, and then choose a standard attack power. He can then use the chosen power this turn. Hank also begins the game with Outwit, and on his second click he trades out this power for Perplex. On his later clicks Pym trades out between Perplex and Willpower. The final three clicks he has left he loses his attack special power, and gains Flurry in his movement slot. There’s one last power that I don’t want to forget and that’s Morph: Hank Pym. This ability lets you give Hank Pym a move or close combat action that deals no pushing damage, then replace him with any character of with this trait on the same click number.

These previews will continue to roll out through the week, and there will be one tomorrow showcasing the different egos that Hank Pym has worn throughout his career. There will even be a Colossal reveal! The Marvel Heroclix: Chaos War set is planned to release on May 30th. Are you ready for it? You can find out more about the Chaos War set and other Heroclix sets on the game’s official site.


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