Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 21, 2012

Abraham Cleaves Through Vampires In Theatres And 8-Bit

Every once in a while a movie comes along that you think to yourself, “This movie will make no sense. It might even be horrible. I have to go see it.” For me that movie will be Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The movie comes out tomorrow and it will take all of my willpower not to jump up and run out to see it on the big screen. To help with this growing animosity over trying to stay nailed down to our chairs, our friend Freddie Wong teamed up with Cladesdyne to create a retro-style brawler game based on the upcoming flick.

The game is titled 8-Bitham Lincoln, which makes me chuckle. The game provides the kind of senseless killing you’d expect of a title that follows Abraham as he hacks vampires to death. The game’s name can be a bit deceiving, due to the fact that what’s presented looks more like a 16-bit game than anything else, but I’m not complaining. You get to take up Lincoln’s beard and axe to chop down filthy vampires – what else do you need?

Freddie Wong is well-known for his video work that he sports through Youtube. He’s made a lot of videos showcasing different games, and his latest work has been with Video Game High School, which features Harley Morenstein. This endeavor has been a jump from video to actual game creation, though the game isn’t actually playable. Freddie hasn’t made mention of there being anywhere to play an actual game, though I’m seriously hoping he does soon. For now just check out the video and watch the epic beard take down some chumps!


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