Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 7, 2012

Ascend: New Gods Confirmed As A Free-To-Play Title [E3 2012]


During Microsoft’s E3 press conference there was a game shown that slipped its trailer into the presentation. The trailer shown was one of three teasers that really didn’t have a great hold on the audience at the time. This certain teaser I’m speaking of is for Ascend: New Gods on the Xbox Live Arcade. The game comes to us from Signal Studios, the same developer behind Toy Soldiers.

The game will feature asynchronous multiplayer gaming across both the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone, but  there will be much more to the game than this. It’s been confirmed that Ascend: New Gods will be the first Free-To-Play title on the Xbox 360.

Ascend is a third-person fantasy action-RPG title that will launch in 2013. Players take up arms as one of the Caos, a special breed of warrior that’s been created solely to serve the will of the Gods. You’ll select to serve one of three deities, and scour the land destroying enemies in their honor. One feature of the game, which Signal says earns players the “largest rewards,” comes when you sacrifice your warrior. Once you do this, you’ll gain your reward once you respawn, but you’ll have different abilities.

Right now there aren’t many details on the game’s multiplayer, though there’s been a reference made to the multiplayer seen in Dark Souls. We do know that your progress will be carried between platforms when switching between console and mobile play. There’s also no news on how the game will make any money, such as with in-game shops or money items for your avatar. 

We’re still waiting on more details about the game, though the Free-To-Play announcement itself is pretty big. This could make a move to revolutionize how we play games on console. If there had to be a Free-To-Play title on console, Ascend is a great choice.


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