Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jun 26, 2012

Cars In Skyrim – Why Not?

Not long ago we gained the ability to fight while on a horse in Skyrim. While mounted combat sounds like fun, horses are starting to get pretty boring. Sure, you could find a mod that will let you fly a dragon, but even that too loses its fun after a while. What you really need is something with four wheels and more than one horsepower.

The appropriately named Car Mod puts you behind the wheel of an old 4-door beater. It’s a simple swap that trades your horse for a car, but the land of Skyrim just seems so much more fun when you’re cruising along. Heck, you can even have your hood painted with Rainbow Dash, because we know that you’re secretly a bronie.

The author of the mod is still working out a few kinks, and is looking to add engine sounds to the mod, to make it seem a little more realistic. Because a car in a world of magic and dragons needs to be more real. Seriously though, keep an eye on this one, as it looks like a lot of fun. Also, watch the video below. You can thank me later.


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