Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 11, 2012

Catalyst Game Labs Now Allowing Pre-Orders For Leviathans Core Sets

The time has finally come, and if you’re a fan of steampunk battles in the sky this news is for you. Catalyst Game Labs, those same guys who are working on the Shadowrun re-release, is now taking in pre-orders for the Leviathans Core Sets. It’s seriously a shut-up-and-take-my-money moment if I ever saw one.

Leviathans is a tabletop miniatures game that takes place in a steampunk setting. Instead of the world’s navies being built for water, they are instead constructed using steam-powered engines to battle in the sky. Players will control various fleets from across the world and battle each other on large maps. Each fleet has special ships that carry different abilities which will offer players an edge in any war waged among the clouds.

The game is set to officially release sometime during August/September of this year, and pre-orders are up now. Players can head over to the official website and pre-order:

  • Leviathans Core Box Set – $99.95
  • British Fleet Box – $49.95
  • French Fleet Box – $49.95
  • Core Box Set Plus British Box – $140
  • Core Box Set Plus French Box – $140
  • Core Box Set Plus Both Fleet Boxes – $175

Shipping will be added, of course.

It’s nice to see these go up on the site. I’ve been itching to play Leviathans for some time now, and the pre-orders make the game come that much closer to releasing. If you’re looking to get into some real steampunk action in the skies, go slap down a pre-order while you can.


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