Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jun 11, 2012

CBS To Broadcast MLG On TV

When you want to watch a major sporting event, there’s a good chance that you can just flip on the TV and find it on one of your basic channels. Well, unless the sport you’re interested in involves video games. Despite the steady growth of eSports, no broadcast company has seen fit to air competitive video games on their channels. However, that may be changing.

When CBS purchased Twitch.tv back in April, it was clear that the company saw great promise in the realm of eSports. Why? Because with Twitch came the exclusive streaming rights to MLG events. And now, two months later, the CEO of MLG has announced that they are indeed looking to have an event broadcast on CBS.

“We had meetings during E3 with major mainstream advertisers and there’s a lot of interest in what we’re doing,” said DiGiovanni. “While streaming will remain an integral part of the expansion of eSports, we’re looking into a broadcast component on CBS this fall.”

If they do go through with this, and events start showing up on basic TV channels, one can only wonder at just how many viewers they will get. Since gamers tend to be part of the tech-savvy crowd, won’t they simply watch the streams online, rather than on their TV? We won’t know for sure until it happens.


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