Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 6, 2012

Dawnguard DLC Trailer Shows Vampires, No Snow Elves [E3 2012]

Over a month ago we reported on how the new DLC, called Dawnguard, might contain content on the snow elves, who were the precursor of the falmer. Well, it looks like we might have been wrong, as the new trailer for the Dawnguard DLC makes no mention of snow elves whatsoever. However, it looks like some of the other predictions are coming true.

Vampires are making a big splash in Dawnguard, so much so that they’re the focus of the DLC. It centers around the Vampire Lords, who are trying to block out the sun. The Dawnguard are a human faction who are bent on stopping them, for obvious reasons. Like the Stormcloaks and the Imperials of Skyrim, both factions will have their own base of operations: Castle Volkihar for the vampires and Fort Dawnguard for the Dawnguard. Choosing one side over another gives you access to special perks.

If you chose to side with the Vampire Lords, you’ll have the option of becoming a vampire. This time, it isn’t just some disease, but rather you’ll get a whole new skill tree specific to the class, and new abilities like draining the life of your enemies. After looking at the trailer, it looks pretty awesome.

If, however, you decide to fight for humanity and join the Dawnguard, there will undoubtedly be new equipment, skills and loot for you to collect. Making its appearance in Dawnguard will be crossbows, a welcome addition to the game. It’s unknown if crossbows will be Dawnguard exclusive, but nevertheless, I’m sure many people will be getting some good use out of it. At this time, there is no official release date for Dawnguard, but rumor has it that it might be coming out for the Xbox 360 on June 26th, and it will show up on the PS3 and PC a month later. I think I might have to get this expansion pack myself, and start a brand new character…

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