Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 5, 2012

Deep Silver Reveals Dead Island: Riptide [E3 2012]

Dead Island released last year and made more than just a ripple when it hit the waters of the gaming community. As an open-world zombie slasher action RPG, it offers much for players who are into the whole zombie apocalypse idea. Thankfully I’m one of those players and I gobbled up everything the game would give me. Not too long ago Deep Silver helped push out two pieces of DLC – Ryder White and the Bloodbath Arena – which added to the game’s content.

While those pieces of content helped keep the game on the surface, Deep Silver is refusing to let it sink at all. Just today the publisher announced a brand new piece of DLC for the game called “Riptide” that will be hitting both consoles and PC. There weren’t any details announced as to what we’ll deal with in the DLC, and we’re still waiting on some kind of release date.

From the name and what’s already been presented, the DLC could show us the beginning of the zombie outbreak spreading throughout the rest of the world. We could possibly be dealing with an outbreak miles away from the island of Banoi, and the world falls into more peril than before. I’d like to see some Dead Island action in the city, and learn about just how the outbreak affects the mainland. Rummaging through department and corner stores for supplies, possibly more item combinations for weapon creation, and much more could be added with this DLC. We’ll keep our eyes out for more on this as it’s announced.


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