Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 1, 2012

FUS1ON Pro Gaming Controller Could Make Playing Console Cool Again

When it comes to console gaming, I’ll admit that I’ve all but left it behind. Since I’ve started playing more and more PC games, I haven’t touched my 360 in a long while. I still have those games that I thoroughly enjoy, such as Gears of War and Dead Space, but for the most part I’ve moved over to the luxurious world of PC gaming.

There’s no real way to put a finger on what exactly pushes a player away from consoles, but I do know one thing that irks them – the controller. Over the past couple of years we’ve seen some great new gadgets to help ease the hands when playing for extended periods of time, like the N-Avenger and Razer’s brand new controller, the Onza. Peripheral companies work hard at creating a product that really compliments core gamers and these gamers in-turn swear by the products. If you’re going to spend most of your time gaming on a console, you have to be comfortable, right? Comfortability is one of the leading factors that determine what platform gamers choose, and it’s a big deal.

While the N-Avenger and Onza are both great products, there’s a new competitor on the market that’s making some headway. Power A is a peripheral company that’s made a few controllers for various platforms before. They’ve announced their new FUS1ON Pro Gaming controller, and it looks super sweet. The team at Power A consulted with a group of hardcore gamers who excel in FPS titles to gather information before building the FUS1ON. Though they’ve had a hand in other controllers in the past, they wanted to sit down and create something that’s a real winner with pro gamers everywhere.

The controller is a bit smaller than other products on the market, which I like. It comes with grips that can be switched out between plastic and rubber to fit your preference. It’s also a wired controller, as all professional and tournament-legal controllers must be. This isn’t a burden, though, as it’s got a fully-braided cord that you can easily wrap up and contain with the controller.

The one thing the FUS1ON has going for it is its thumbsticks. They are huge when compared to those on other controllers. As a gamer with big hands and thumbs, I’m intrigued by seeing this. The buttons on the controller, as well as the area under the thumbsticks glow in bright color, making it a perfect controller when gaming well into the night.

Power A has made the FUS1ON available for both PS3 and Xbox 360, and they look identical except for the button markings and glow color. The nice thing about the PS3 version of the controller is that the thumbsticks aren’t parallel like on the normal controllers you see. The FUS1ON isn’t available yet, and Power A hasn’t announced a release date. When it releases, however, you can pick one up for under $100. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one of these controllers, and it could very well help revitalize my console gaming career.


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