Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 5, 2012

Halo 4 Will Feature Free Episodic Mission Packs [E3 2012]

Developers and publishers create DLC in many different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, they get greedy and evil with it, throwing DLC onto a disc that you have to then pay more money to unlock. Other times, however, companies like to be benign figures, giving you extra content for free all so that you will continue to play their games. This is exactly what 343 Industries, the developers for Halo 4, are doing, as they announced that they will be releasing quite a bit of free DLC for Halo 4.

Starting 6 months after Halo 4 is released, you’ll start seeing five new missions that tie into the Spartan Ops animated series each week. The missions are all two-player co-op, and if you want to unlock the actual animated series episodes, you need to complete the missions first. “You have to watch them in chronological order” says franchise director Frank O’Connor.

Overall, that’s pretty cool. Any time a company wants to give you free content is a good thing, and judging by the picture, I have a feeling that just because it’s going to be free, that doesn’t mean they’re going to half-ass the game. Look for Halo 4 to be released this year on November 6th.

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