Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jun 13, 2012

Max Payne 3 Cheaters To Be Pooled Together In Online Matches

No one likes a cheater. Seriously, when has anyone been excited to play with one? When it comes to online games, the punishment for such things is usually a swift ban. However, one has to wonder if that isn’t a bit harsh. After all, the person did pay full price for the game, and now they can’t play it. The only problem is that no one will want to play with a person who’s known to cheat. So what’s the solution? Match cheaters up with other cheaters.

That’s exactly the method that Rockstar has decided to use for those who cheat their way to victory in Max Payne 3. Once a player is confirmed to use some sort of cheat or exploit, they are put into what they call the “Cheaters Pool.” If you’re banished to this particular level of hell, you’ll only be matched up with other cheaters. Thus, you’ll still be able to play your game, but your opponents will be using the same (if not worse) cheats than the one(s) that got you banished in the first place. Eventually, the competition will be so bad that you’ll not want to play at all.

Rockstar has said that there may be cases where they will absolve some players and allow them to return to the regular pool of players. However, if you get caught again, you’ll be put back in the Cheaters Pool for good. If you want to report someone who you are sure is cheating, they have setup a specific email address where you can provide the evidence needed to get the person banned. Just remember that the person has to be using real cheats or hacks. They won’t ban people simply for being a camper.


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