Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jun 29, 2012

New Halo 4 Info Leaks, Including Spartan Ops Missions [Rumor]

Halo 4 made a big spash at E3 earlier this month. However, there is still a lot we want to know about the game. Microsoft has been keeping a tight lid on information since the show, but it would seem that information has a way of leaking out. This time, courtesy of their own ExpertZone site.

According to the screenshots leaked from the site, we’ll see 10 new weapons and two new vehicles in Halo 4. Multiplayer will give us new game modes, career progressions, and 10 new maps to start with. Naturally, there is a host of DLC planned, but they appear to be rolling it out a little differently than most games.

One of the big focuses in this game will be Spartan Ops. These are single or co-op missions that serve to expand on the story and gameplay. They plan on having 50 missions per “season”, with each season being 10 weeks in length. This means that every week for 10 weeks we’ll see 5 new missions. There’s no word on how many of these seasons they plan on doing, but the material says that the first season will be completely free.


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