Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jun 19, 2012

Ninja Exorcist Is Ridiculously Brutal, And We Like It That Way

We all secretly want to be ninjas. Whether or not you’re fighting for the greater good, evil, or your own purposes, the thought of sneaking around and killing someone before they even notice is kind of awesome. The only part most of us may have a hard time with, is going through all of the rigorous training necessary to become a skilled stealth assassin.

If you would like to bypass all of the hard work, you could always play Ninja Exorcist instead. Nebula Game Studios have been working on this side scroller for a while now, and they’re just starting to show it off. You’ll be playing as a ninja prodigy named Daigo, and you’ll be fighting your way through demons, and finding answers as to why a giant dragon seems to be throwing these terrible creatures onto the Earth.

There is a lot of Shinto and Buddhist mythology inspired aspects to this game. Its hand-painted visuals make it look absolutely gorgeous from what I can see in the trailer, which means the game is going to bbeautiful. If you should want to give this game a go, it’ll cost you only $1 for the first episode this month through Xbox LIVE Indie Games. (Side note: Does anyone feel a hint of Metalocalypse here?)


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