Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 5, 2012

QR Code In Watch Dogs Demo Leads To Hidden Website [E3 2012]

If you tuned in to Ubisoft’s press conference yesterday during E3 (which everyone should have), you would have seen the amazing live demo of a new game called Watch Dogs. The game centers on a fully digital world, and how certain people can take advantage of the technology we have in use today.

In the demo one of the NPCs in the bar sports a QR code on whatever kind of helmet/mask/head it’s wearing. If you pause the demo when you see him, you can use your smart phone to scan the code. Doing so takes you to the hidden viral site dotconnexion.ubi.com. The address is for a teaser site that’s been set up for Watch Dogs.

Dot Connexion offers an introduction to Joseph Demarco, the guy in the demo who’s on the business end of Aiden Pearce’s gun. You can also find interviews on the site for two other characters, Joy Ndidi Adebayo and Simon Mitchell. Lastly you’ll see a press release that says Demarco’s “exhibit” is set to run from October until the end of November. Maybe that’s Ubisoft’s way of telling us more information is coming during that time?

Watch Dogs has turned into one of the gems of E3 so far, as it’s gotten the community buzzing. Many claim that it’s already the best announcement/reveal at the event, and I can see why. The game looks extremely well-polished and the visuals are top-notch. It’s got a very cyberpunk Assassin’s Creed feel to it, set in modern day. I can’t wait to see more about it.


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