Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 5, 2012

Star Wars 1313 Gamplay Footage Revealed [E3 2012]

One of the new games being shown at E3 is a new Star Wars title from LucasArts, called Star Wars 1313. The game is centered around an aspiring bounty hunter as he delves deep into the seedy undercity of Courscant to uncover a criminal conspiracy. Unlike many Star Wars games that focus on lightsaber combat and the Jedi, this game is different, as you’ll be playing a bounty hunter, and only a bounty hunter. Pretty cool, in my opinion.

A couple of gameplay trailers were shown today, and it shows you just how this world operates. While the total amount of footage shown is rather short, at only about 2 minutes, you get a sense that this is a game-world that doesn’t play nice. The bounty hunter-to-be and his teacher are discussing what they need to do, and notice that a package in the cargo hold seems suspicious. The package explodes before they even have a chance at figuring out how to disarm it, and the two are attacked by a group of criminals who make off with a package. The gameplay itself is in 3rd person, with an emphasis on taking cover. It looks to me like they’ve taken a few tips from games like Gears of War and Mass Effect.

The second clip picks up at what looks like a bit farther into the mission, as the ship they are on is engulfed in flames, and the aspiring bounty hunter asks his teacher if that was “really necessary”. It seems that they crashed their ship into the criminals ship, and are now attempting to jump onto it and take it over before it crashes into the ground. There wasn’t much to this clip, though the explosions of the crashing ship did look pretty cool.

At this time, no other details of the game are known, except that it’s going to occur during the Original Trilogy timeline. The game appears to be in pre-production at this point, so look for it to come out in the next generation of consoles. Even though they won’t likely outright say it’s coming out for a future PlayStation or Xbox, it’s pretty cool that we’re already seeing those kinds of games being showcased at this time. I can’t wait to see what this game looks like at next year’s E3!

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